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The role of an Associate Photographer is multi-faceted, contributing to our collective aim of delivering top-tier photographs that tell your story in the most stunning ways possible. Depending on the specific project and requirements, an Associate Photographer may take on the role of an assistant, aiding in the lighting, positioning, and technical aspects of a shoot. Alternatively, they may be the lead, directing the shoot and framing each shot with precision and artistry.

Having Associate Photographers allows us to be versatile, responsive, and collaborative, ensuring we can capture every magical moment from multiple angles and perspectives. Rest assured, each member of our team is committed to making your photographic experience as memorable as the photos themselves.

Welcome to the heart of the company, our remarkable team of photographers. This talented ensemble is comprised of our dedicated Associate Photographers, each individually selected for their ability to seize fleeting moments and transform them into timeless visuals.

I've had the joy of being a photographer and the face of our company since 2012.

With the invaluable support of my dedicated team of five, we work together to turn your photographic dreams into reality. I couldn't do this alone, and I'm incredibly excited to have such a talented team with me, ensuring that we consistently provide top-notch service and unforgettable experiences.

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Emma Jeanson

Owner, Lead Photographer & Editor

Learn More About ME

I am not only the husband of our brilliant lead photographer but also the co-owner and lead videographer. As the lead videographer, I strive to capture your most cherished moments in motion, providing a dynamic dimension to our services. But my role isn't limited to just capturing moments on camera.

Behind the scenes, I handle the many operational aspects of our company. This includes making sure our company runs smoothly, ensuring our services meet your expectations, and working tirelessly to enhance your overall experience with us. These responsibilities allow me to ensure that our operations run smoothly and efficiently, enabling our creative team to focus on delivering outstanding photographs and videos. I am committed to making our company not just a service, but an experience – a place where memories are captured, stories are told, and relationships are built.

Daniel Devine

Co-Owner, Business Management
& Lead Videographer

Hi there, I'm Kami, an associate photographer with this amazing team since 2022. My love for photography led me to earn a Photography Certificate from RCTC, allowing me to channel my passion into professional skill. Originally from Oregon, I've found a new home here, alongside my husband who is a resident at the Mayo Clinic.

Besides photography, I'm a graphic designer by trade, an experience that informs my unique approach to capturing images. I can't wait to bring my creativity, passion, and expertise to your next shoot.

Kami Mirande

Lead Associate Photographer, Graphic Designer

Hello, I'm Kacy, and I've been an associate photographer with this fantastic team since late 2022. When I'm not behind the camera, I work as an RN at the Mayo Clinic, and I'm proud to hold an MSN from Augsburg University.

This year, my husband Mike and I welcomed our new son into the world, adding a whole new level of joy and inspiration to my life. Outside of work and family, you can find me running or stand-up paddleboarding, always with an eye for the perfect shot. I'm passionate about photography and can't wait to bring that passion to your photoshoot.

Kacy Odean

Associate Photographer

Hi, I'm Katie! I’m a MN native with a love for adventure, travel (sunshine!!), photography, comedy and margaritas. My passion for photography really blossomed about 10 years ago; I love capturing the true, authentic, candid beauty of families + individuals. When I’m not behind the camera, I’m probably chasing (or feeding) my one year old son, lounging watching movies/shows with my hubby or seeking out some sort of shenanigans for us to get into!

I'm so excited to expand my knowledge and experience with Emma Jeanson Photography and can’t wait to meet all of you!! 

Katie Scharberg

Associate Photographer

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