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Be you on your day


This is your Day

This is a tough one. Remember this is about YOU. Plan what you would like, not what others are expecting of you. If you want to be married in the desert, do it! If you want to have your first dance song be "I'm on a Boat", do it!

Read contracts

always, before signing it. It is way to easy to just trust a vendor because this is their job. Popular vendors may still try and slide things under the radar! There should NEVER be any hidden fees, EVER!

Make a budget

and stick to it! Prioritize what elements are most important to you such as the Venue, Photography, Videography, or Catering. 

It's the little things


Get Help

On a budget? Gather your friends and make as much as you can! People will notice the personal touches and appreciate the work you put in to make your day extra special. 

Capture it all

A good photographer will! Have your dress/suit, rings and boxes, jewelry, flowers, an invitation, perfume/cologne, shoes, and other special items ready to go for the photographer when they arrive. Detail shots are always where I begin when I arrive!

Small things matter

More people pay attention to the small details than you think! There is so much time and effort that you put into planning those small details such as colors for ring boxes, your flower choices, or incorporating memories of those who couldn't be there with you on your day. 

Bring snacks

Getting Ready

Talented Friends

I bet you have at least one or two! You can save a lot of money by having friends or family participate in doing hair, nails, or makeup. If you prefer to hire someone see my vendor list below!

Hangry = Not Good

I've learned the hard way so you don't have to. Bring food, it is a long day and you'll definitely be happy you had something to snack on. Plan a buffet-type breakfast or order some sammies for your guests to munch on while getting ready.

Location matters

Take note of the area that you are planning to get ready in. Are there mirrors? Plenty of outlets? A place to hang your dress/suit? A bathroom? Is there a plain background for pictures? Check out the vendor section for getting ready locations!

Don't hold back

First look

Pass Notes

Some couples read each other a handwritten note that they have made for each other. Whether it is on notebook paper or a napkin, this is the perfect moment for your videographer to capture for audio to use throughout your video. 

Parents TOO!

The first look doesn't just need to be between the two getting married. Setup a reveal that could include Mom, Dad, or even the wedding party as well!

Rawest Emotions

The first look can be done while walking down the aisle, or before the ceremony. Regardless, it is some of the rawest emotions that can be captured of the day. This can be a very private moment, but make sure that your photographer is there to capture it. 

Put away those phones


HOLD the kiss

The kiss at the end of the ceremony is what everyone is there to see! Make it BIG, and don't be afraid to hold it for a few seconds! Photographers will love you for it and so will your guests. A second kiss, once you walk down the aisle, is also usually a fan favorite!

Silence Phones

I always recommend putting up a sign or a line in the program about silencing and putting away phones during the ceremony. We want people to enjoy the ceremony first hand and not through a phone screen. Your photographer will make sure to capture the memories. 

Consider the Lighting

It is always good to consider lighting in the ceremony space, the amount of seating, and restrictions or accommodations. Accommodations may include a waiting area for wedding party, or a microphone and speaker system to ensure everyone can hear you.


Wedding Party Time

Mingle With guests

You may instead chose to be at the reception venue for the cocktail hour mingling with guests, or even not have a cocktail hour at all. Mingling with guests gives your photographer a chance to get candid shots of you and your guests if that is important to you to capture. 

More food

I suggest having snacks/hors d'oeuvres at cocktail hour for your guests who are going to be super hungry. You may also want to have some snacks for the wedding party at this time as well. A good time frame between ceremony and reception is about an hour and a half.

After the ceremony

Your guests will head to the reception site, which means its wedding party time! Some suggestions for what to do are:
1. Party bus around town
2. Hit up a local bar
3. Photos in a park or fun location
4. Popping champagne or confetti pictures
5. Party bus to your garage to hang out

Clink glasses



I would recommend not having more than 4 speeches as you tend to lose your guests attention after too many. Make sure they know beforehand, don't surprise Mom last minute!

Cut the Cake

I recommend going directly to cake cutting after the introductions. This way your wedding guests are fully invested and watching. This way after dinner, desert can be served right away without waiting for cake cutting!

Grand March

Have fun! Most couples have everyone in the wedding party do a little dance or move as they are introduced. Be prepared with something fun! Pro tip: don't be afraid to have the DJ ready to ice the best man!

Plan for pictures

Plan into your timeline space for sunset photos about 30 minutes before the sun will set. These will most likely be your favorite photos of you and your new spouse, so leave time for these!

check out the vendor list

vetted so you don't have to

James Benson
Rochester, MN


DJ Ladee P
Rochester, MN

James Benson
Rochester, MN


Hilton Downtown Area
Rochester, MN


The Lake Loft (Above Flowers by Jerry)


Karen Jeanson
Rochester, MN

Sadie Ramsey
Rochester, MN



Autumn Ridge
Rochester, MN

Rochester, MN

Calvary Evangelical
Rochester, MN

St. Johns
Rochester, MN


Nothing Bundt Cakes
Rochester, MN

HyVee Bakery
Rochester, MN

Sweet House Bakery
Rochester, MN

Frosted by CC
Rochester, MN


Fox and Fern
Rochester, MN

A gift to gab
Le Roy, MN

Young love floral and finds
Plainview, MN

Tulips & Truffles Florist

Flowers by Jerry

Sargents on Second
Rochester, MN

HyVee Floral
Southeast MN

Rochester, MN

Carousel Flowers
Rochester, MN


Pinnacle Catering
Rochester, MN

Canadian Honker
Rochester, MN

Catering by Design
Rochester, MN

El Carumbas
Rochester, MN

Rochester, MN

John Hardy's
Rochester, MN

Twisted Barrel Pizza Truck
Rochester, MN

Rochester, MN

Charlie's Eatery
Rochester, MN


Mayowood Stonebarn
Rochester, MN

Floral Hall
Rochester, MN

Four Daughters Winery
Spring Valley, MN

Villa Bellezza
Pepin, WI

Hilton Downtown Area
Rochester, MN

Pinewood Weddings & Events

Whitewater State Park
Winona County, MN

The Barn on Southridge
La Cresent, MN

Cathedral of Saint Paul
St. Paul, MN

Rochester Golf & Country Club
Rochester, MN

Almquist Farm
Hastings, MN


Floral Hall
Rochester, MN

Somerby Golf Course
Byron, MN

Hilton Downtown Area
Rochester, MN

Rochester Art Center
Rochester, MN

Studio 324
Rochester, MN

Bleu Duck
Rochester, MN

Riverview Greens
Stewartville, MN

Mayo Civic Center
Rochester, MN

Rochester Golf & Country Club
Rochester, MN


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