I do my sessions in a shorter amount of time, usually 1.5 hours while other newborn photographers shoot for sessions of 3 hours or more. I like to do this because I know you are busy, and I think that a longer session can be stressful for a newborn, especially if the baby becomes fussy or upset. I want your baby to be as comfortable as possible, while getting those cute shots!

What makes me different?

Shoots are best done within the first ten days, that is ten days after the birth. This is best so that your baby is all snuggly and wants to stay swaddled up. After ten days babies start to stretch their arms and legs and begin to be more comfortable in a stretched-out position. If you are unable to do the session within the first ten days, that’s ok! I am still able try a swaddle and see if your baby still likes it, and if not I have other techniques to position the baby to still get beautiful shots you'll love.  

When should we do our Newborn photography?

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Studio Sessions

As a newborn photographer I try to make this process as smooth as possible so I also have a home studio space available. This room provides a clean and beautiful space for your newborn photography session. In this space, I am able to control the lighting to optimize the quality of your photos. I have all that is needed such as wraps and swaddles, blankets, baskets, hats/headbands, and props! 

Want to know what I have for color options before coming? Check out my newborn collection below!

Can't wait to see you in the studio room!

I have done countless sessions as a newborn photographer in Rochester MN and surrounding areas. Newborn photography is one of my favorite sessions, because who doesn't love tiny humans!? I am only displaying a fraction of my photographs on this page, check out some full galleries of newborn photography here.

In-Home Sessions

As a newborn photographer I can come to your home for an in-home session. During this session we will usually do photos of you as a family in the nursery and sitting on your bed or couch depending on lighting. Then we move to photos of just baby! These could be done in the crib for a lifestyle look, or in a basket wrapped up in a little cute set-up done by me. I will provide all that is needed as I pack up my gear to bring along.

Want to know what I have for color options before coming? Check out my newborn collection below!

Specializing in lifestyle in-home newborn photography sessions, in your own space, at your own comfort. My in-home studio space is also available so you don't have to clean or worry about anything as I will provide it all. I want to put you at ease when handling your precious lil one. As a bonus, I am a practicing Registered Nurse with a Master of Nursing degree and take the safety of your baby seriously (while still having fun at your session!).

Newborn Photographer in Rochester MN and surrounding areas


Baby's First

Dogs, kittens or any other pets are always welcome for shots when we do them in your own home. 


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I provide all that is needed such as blankets, wraps and swaddles, hats, props, baskets and backdrops. If you want to do a more lifestyle type shoot (which is my favorite) we scrap the backdrop for the background of my studio room or your nursery/home. All you need to provide is yourself and your little one(s) for the session. If you have any special clothing or blankets that you would like included in the shots, make sure you bring them along! 

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