Master of Nursing degree!!


February 8, 2022

Over the last year and a half, we have all faced challenges. I have run a highly successful photography business, while working part-time as a nurse, and continuing my education through Western Governors University. I am very excited to be completed with school, so that now I can focus on my business even more and focus on my clients!
I want to encourage anyone out there thinking about returning to school or starting school to go for it and reach those goals! They are closer than they appear, and you CAN do it. Never let the excuse of work, money, or not having enough time get in your way.

Make the time, put in the work, and be the best you. It will pay off, and you will feel amazing.



If you need advice or encouragement, I am always here! Just shoot me a message ☺️. Photos, video, school, or life. Whatever you need!
As the wise (yet semi wacky in the noodle) Shia Labeouf once said “JUST DO ITTT”.


-Emma Jeanson RN, MSN

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